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It’s rule number one when it comes to a business meeting with someone you’ve not met before: try to find some common ground. Breaking the ice, finding a level playing field, creating a congenial atmosphere through small talk is vital and in those situations, knowledge is the ultimate currency. You’re about to meet a valuable new contact – is he dating your vindictive ex, does he have a similar penchant for Alice in Chains, dirty martinis and off-market Dominican cigars; is he a closet Furry; or does he suffer from galactophilia. Knowing these vital gems of info could make or break the meeting. But really, who has that much time to snoop (except, it seems, your ex!)?

Charlie does. An invite-only app (at the moment), Charlie pulls together info from across the world wide web, from company history and financial news to personal dirt on any contact you’re planning to meet. Walk in knowing their likes and dislikes, their work history, university alumni and hobbies, tips on their favourite teams and maybe their very hopes and dreams. All you have to do is enter the details of your meeting and if it’s surfing the web Charlie will nab it, and email it all to you before the big day.

Walk into every room like a boss. 





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