Wednesday, 21.2.2018

Linguini Fini Well Priced Italian Opens in L Place


The guys behind Posto Pubblico have just opened a new Italian in L Place, Central, called Linguini Fini. It’s a casual place you want to visit with mates rather than your mother-in-law, with waiters wearing cartoonish, casual wear she might not approve of and an atmosphere that might force her to get a new hearing aid.

Italian is notoriously poor value in Hong Kong, but gratifyingly, Linguini Fini is not. Large pasta dishes range from HKD88 – 118 while a secondi such as the crispy ‘quick smoked’ salmon is a reasonable HKD148. They make their own pastas, cure their own meats and use produce sourced locally from Homegrown Foods, serving dishes that are rustic, homely and delicious.

A major downside, however, is that you have to have the courage of William Wallace to try the whole menu. Features include tripe and sweetbreads, while the Bolognese for example (which is very tasty) comprises pig’s head, oxtail and veal.

It’s the first nose-to-tail Italian eatery in Hong Kong and apart from a couple of dishes which were slightly over-seasoned, we loved our meal. Happily, they also offer some particularly inventive desserts such as a take on the American favourite, s’mores, which is basically a hot chocolate affogato poured onto Graham cracker biscotti and marshmallow gelato. Delicious, and it appeals to the Peter Pan complex in everyone.

The only other negative is that you can’t make a reservation, so if you’re in a big group head along early. If not be prepared for a queue.

Well priced Italian food, Finilly.

Linguini Fini
1/F, L Place, 139 Queens Rd Central
Telephone: 2857 1333


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