Premiere Pression Provence Top French Deli in SoHo


We’ve found a pocket of Gaul in Soho, Premiere Pression Provence, selling some of the finest olive oil in town. There’s something about the French which delights and annoys in equal measure. There’s only one country in the world where the unemployed are allowed to go on strike but their cuisine is top notch and few spread the word as effectively as this little deli. Their staff are genuine and seem to know their products well – so they basically have your wallet out at the door.

All of their products are from Provence and they have an olive oil fountain which offers 10 different types of olive oil. From the selection you can blend your own personal olive oil with aromatic strands including truffle, basil and lemon. A blend will set you back HK$198 for 250ml but their oils stand alone. For instance if you’re having a pizza you can tuck into a chilli pepper oil for HK$128/100ml but sadly their oils don’t stretch to the carnal variety (very French).

Pride of place, however, is the tasting counter where you can sample various oils, vinegars, olives and other little delicacies. We’d advise not going when you’re peckish because you’ll leave with oil dribbling down your chin. The tapenades are good but the chutney is Victoria’s Secret delicious - particularly the olive and fig variety. Although expensive you won’t find many of these products elsewhere in Hong Kong so get in a batch for gorging over Chinese New Year.

Rare provenance.

Premiere Pression Provence
39 Graham Street, Central
2805 1197


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