Wednesday, 21.2.2018

The Beer Necessities Home Brewing Kits Arrive in Hong Kong


Hong Kong's been going nuts for beer lately but perhaps the best has yet to come - your own. The Beer Necessities has just opened, selling home brewing kits in Hong Kong for the first time. They'll give you all the tools to produce delicious beer, and it's cheap too. A pint averages out to HK$5-15 which is the kind of economic incentive that would have every hobo in the world dreaming of winning gold at the international beer awards.

You start by buying one of two basic packages, a barrel or bottle microbrewing system priced at HK$788 or HK$688 respectively. That dictates how your beer's served, in a bottle (the latter comes with 30 swing top bottles) or a pint glass. Add the contents of one of their ingredient kits, follow the dangerously simple instructions and you're away. It's really that easy. Some of the biggest breweries in the world have started releasing ingredients kits so available flavours include St Peter's Ruby Red Ale and Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar. It's gusset moistening stuff.

Beginners can get involved without any guidance and it's a genuine hobby with a great end product. Each batch produces 18-23 litres of beer, and when you're finished, you simply buy another ingredients kit. We hope you grasp the scale of what we're saying - perpetual beer is at your fingertips. It's the golden hen. In fact, there's probably an Old Speckled Hen ingredient kit floating out there in the beery online ether.

Christmas for number one.


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