Thursday, 14.12.2017

Mama's Breakfast Liqueurs Let Mama Make it Better


The age-old adage of the ‘hair of the dog’ – a restorative tipple the morning after hanging one on – is recognized around the world, from Sweden and Scotland, to Australia and Mexico (Costa Ricans replace the dog with a pig). Taken from the ancient rabies cure of stuffing hairs from the culprit canine into a bite wound, a stiff drink the morning after a session is said to reduce the effects of alcohol withdrawal while lifting blood sugar levels and delaying the metabolism of methanol until your body’s a little better prepared. Of course, this doesn’t make the hair any easier going down.

Next time you’re in the US look out for Mama Walker’s range of breakfast-inspired liqueurs; that’s right, Maple Bacon, Blueberry Pancake, and Glazed Donut-flavoured spirits, all carefully crafted to help you combine your healing elixir with a balanced breakfast. These small batch beauties will help you ease your way into a new day while introducing you to a host of new sugar-laced concoctions, whether you’re serving them in the Jacuzzi the night before, or from the breakfast table the day after. Spike your tomato juice with smoky maple bacon, lace your latte with a shot of blueberry goodness, or add notes of vanilla and cinnamon to your milk of magnesia, and watch the aches and pains of a battered body melt away like New Year’s resolutions in February.

Alcohol; a friend to the end.

Mama Walker’s Breakfast Liqueurs
Available in 1L, 750ml and 50ml bottles


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