Wednesday, 21.2.2018

BEP Vietnamese Kitchen Value and Nostalgia in Central


There’s no doubt that Vietnamese street food is all the rage in Hong Kong at the moment.

The light, fragrant flavours of Vietnamese cuisine lend themselves to the hot, wet nights of a Hong Kong summer as well as they did the steamy evenings you may remember from gap years of backpacking debauchery through Saigon and Hanoi. Late night meals perched on plastic stools, cold beers, and new friends – it was a time of innocence that’s always been difficult to recreate.

Fortunately, pedestrian friendly Tsung Wing Lane (aim a little north of Staunton), with tower blocks and bare concrete walls on each side, is the perfect location for the city’s newest street food eatery, BEP. Owned by a Vietnamese restaurant group from Nha Trang (yes it’s that authentic) and catering to value loving locals looking to sate their appetite on everything from steaming bowls of pho to crusty banh mi sandwiches stuffed with pate, coriander, and vinegar-soaked cucumber, BEP is the perfect anti-hipster hangout, thanks to quick, unpretentious service, simplistic yet chic interiors, great value for money, and a small army of cheerful chefs in the open kitchen. The menu covers the whole Vietnamese culinary spectrum so there’s something for everyone, and although there’s no reservations, cold beers are served in the laneway while you wait for your table.

Just like good old times.



BEP Vietnamese Kitchen
9-11 Staunton St, Central, +852 2522 7533


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