Thursday, 14.12.2017

The Awakening Good Food, Not a Cult


It’s well and truly 2015 and yet, for some of us, those well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions are still echoing with our Jiminy Crickets.

We all want to get to the gym more often, travel the world, become a little more stylish, and of course, consummate like TT Boy, but it’s all about baby steps – small adjustments that make big in-roads down the line. The key to that is having the support to see those resolutions through.

For those looking for a healthier lifestyle – especially Crossfitters or gents going Paleolithic this spring - help is at hand with The Awakening, a new Sai Ying Pun eatery that’s serving up only the good stuff. Athlete and chef Mike Boyle has created a menu laced with wholesome goodness, from vegetarian options to pro-paleo dishes that take the guesswork out of dinner. Blokes looking to cut down and trim up will find satisfaction in the likes of a 6oz ground sirloin hamburger or grass-fed tenderloin, while even sugar and gluten-free takes on classic desserts, from chocolate mousse to apple and cranberry crumble, make you feel like you’re still living in sin. Even better, their delivery service means you can call ahead and have nutritionally balanced meals delivered daily, so you can skip the kebab stand on the way home, safe in the knowledge you’ll eat well, no matter the hour.

Sacrifice need not mean suffering.

The Awakening
G/F 1-6 Ying Wa Terrace,
Sai Ying Pun,
Tel: 2858 0005;


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