The Oriental Spa’s Jet Lag Cure Put Insomnia on Standby


Jetlag was a curious ailment when it was first described in a 1966 Los Angeles Times article by Horace Sutton. Clinically referred to as desynchronosis, this condition is the result of alterations to the body’s circadian rhythms during rapid long-distance travel.

In Sutton’s words, “jet lag derives from the simple fact that jets travel so fast they leave your body rhythms behind.” Certainly, the least glamorous element to international travel, jetlag can have you struggling to stay awake in the middle of the day and saucer eyed in the middle of the night – which can sometimes be a plus but still… Fortunately help (or at least an excuse for a decent massage) might be at hand.

The Oriental Spa at The Oriental Spa at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong has created the Jet Lag Cure, an innovative new treatment that either helps you get the sleep you need, or wakes you enough to be semi-literate at that next meeting. Designed to rid water retention, ease stiff muscles, replenish dehydrated skin and reduce insomnia, the new 90-minute treatment includes a full body brushing using cactus sisal bristles, and an essential oil massage to fight fatigue, boost circulation, and eliminate toxins. The treatment is available in two variants: The Reviving Morning treatment uses juniper to boost the lymphatic system, reduce water retention and enhance kidney function; pink grapefruit to boost blood circulation; and rosemary to stimulate digestion, wake up the mind and maintain alertness; while the Deep Relax uses sandalwood and camomile to relieve anxiety; and Vetivert, known as the 'oil of tranquility', to ease the mind.

Think of it as a nice alternative to chewing tabs of zopiclone with your breakfast cereal.


Oriental Spa’s Jet Lag Cure
From HK$1,850


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