WotWentWrong Answered Inventive App Explains Why You Got Dumped


WotWentWrong is a cool new app that tells you why you got dumped. We like it bar the nauseating spelling of 'Wot'. We don't say wot. We're not spotty teenagers struggling to hear our mothers down the stairs. Either way, the app's useful because you might want to know why she won't speak to you any more. You thought the first date went well but you're also not the type of man who deserves a restraining order for trying to find out.

This is where WotWentWrong comes to the rescue. You simply fill in a question template which is sent to the devil's spawn who thought she was too good for you. It doesn't sound like you'd get much of a response but it's not like they have to meet you for a coffee and there are certain incentives for the dumper which are only unlocked if they reply such as how you rated her kissing. Chances are you'd be as nice as Goebbels but who cares?

There are pre-defined drop downs such as 'you're selfish' and 'didn't pay on dates' but there are also empty boxes where she can get creative and napalm your confidence. The idea, of course, is to have the opposite effect, namely a positive one. There are options, for instance, to describe your positive traits and give constructive criticism; helping you leave the 40 Year Old Virgin School of Dating. Frankly we think it's a Greek finance minister short of a global disaster but sometimes you've just go to know...

WHAT went wrong?