Saturday, 18.11.2017

KWOON by The Woods Breaking the Ice in Style


If there is one word that sums up our modern culture, it’s convenience. If we don’t have immediate and ceaseless access to food deliveries, travel itineraries, car services, global mapping, restaurant choices, the whereabouts of our closest consorts, and even suitable mates (and we don’t mean the kind you play rugby with) we tend to get a bit stroppy.

We’ve become used to a society of instant gratification, where demands are high and patience is dwindling.

Fortunately, the mixology gurus behind Wyndham Street watering hole The Woods have created KWOON, the city’s first canned cocktail concept store (try saying that five times fast). With a rather convenient location on Staunton Street in Soho, and taking its name from the Cantonese word for ‘can’, which conveniently sounds like the slang for alcohol, KWOON dishes out seven signature cocktails, on tap, which are canned at your request for immediate consumption, or as take away (you might even want to place one behind glass for sobriety emergencies). Each quenching beverage, dressed in eye-catching designs by a revolving roster of local artists, is crafted by The Wood’s bar team using carefully selected ingredients that maintain their zest and freshness sans artificial preservatives. Festival, junk, and tram-friendly, these canned concoctions range from the Barley Sun, with gin, grapefruit, dried tangerine peel and malted barley, through to the Pina Tang, with pineapple shrub and five spice given a vodka kick. If you don’t want to carry your drink with you, there’s room enough at the KWOON bar, which caters to 25 punters.

That all sounds pretty bloody convenient to us.


KWOON by The Woods
64 Staunton Street, Central


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